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Facebook Latest Meme Chat Codes

There’s a new feature in facebook using which you can put pictures of popular memes like “Me gusta“, “Trollface” etc. on facebook chat. Ever since the rise of memes and the increasing popularity of sites like 9gag, fa...
by arunenigma


How To Enable Facebook Friendshake

Friendshake is the New Way to “Friend” the People Around You A new Facebook feature has been made publicly available with not so much as an announcement. Friendshake uses your phone’s GPS to find the people around you...
by arunenigma


Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys (For hardcore facebook users)

If you are a hardcore Facebook user that spends hours on Facebook, you might want to check out the keyboard shortcuts. It helps you to navigate around Facebook with ease and saves you time in the process. Here is the list of ke...
by arunenigma



Ultrasurf – Software to access blocked sites and by pass download restrictions

After a long time a good proxy software has forced me to write about proxy related stuff, this one is called Ultrasurf which is best tunneling software I have used till now. Ultra surf is a easy to use proxy software, as there ...
by arunenigma


How to download Private Facebook videos (Cool Hack)

If you had previously used websites such as: to download Facebook videos onto my computer. For some reason, none of them appear to be working anymore. ...
by arunenigma