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Installing Hadoop on Mac OSX Mountain Lion (Step by Step Instructions)

Setting up a single node Apache Hadoop instance on OS X is pretty simple and much the same as on any other Linux/Unix machines, with a small bit of customer configuration. See here for official instructions. This tutorial provi...
by arunenigma


How to convert(decompile) .pyc to py files

How to convert *.pyc to *.py files ? A few days before, I  accidentally deleted all my Python code while renaming some files. Luckily I had the .pyc files in the working directory. After googling for ways to convert .pyc back ...
by arunenigma


python mountain lion multiarray

                Fix to install python numpy module in Mountain Lion OS Many users are receiving multiarray error after upgrading from Lion OS to Mountain Lion while trying to Python numpy...
by arunenigma



Java Program To Multiply Two Matrices

This is a simple java program that teaches you for multiplying two matrix to each other. We are going to make a simple program that will multiply two matrix. Two dimensional array represents the matrix.  Now, make this progra...
by arunenigma


How to block websites using C code

Most of us are familiar with the virus that used to block Orkut and Youtube site.creating such a on . I will give a brief introduction about this code before I jump into the technical jargon.This code has been exclusively creat...
by arunenigma