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June 23, 2012

How to Convert Video to iPad Format?

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Written by: arunenigma
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This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to convert videos to iPad, clip videos, as well as edit video. After downloading and installing Video to iPad Converter, follow the steps below to complete video conversion tasks.

Getting Started:

The software provides an easy and quick way to convert video to iPad files.

Free Download Video to iPad Converter

1. Add files

Click Add File(s) button on the toolbar, select video or audio files you want to convert in the dialog box that opens, and add them to the file list.

convert video to ipad

2. Select output format and folder

Choose one or more files in the file list, and open Profile drop-down list, then select an output format for selected files. Click Browse button, select a destination folder in the dialog box that opens, and click OK.

convert video to ipad

3. Convert file

After finishing the above settings, check the files needed to convert in the file list, and click Convert Checked Item(s) button on the toolbar to start converting the files. You can view the conversion progress from the progress bar at the bottom of the window.

Tip: Click “Play” button on the right bottom of the main interface to preview the video. Click “Snapshot” button to take a snapshot when playing the video.

convert video to ipad

Clip Video Segment:

The software provides video/audio clipping function, which allows you to choose the segments you like from the source, and add them to the file list for converting.

  • Select a video/audio file in the file list, click Edit button on the toolbar and choose Clip option to open Clip window.
  • Click Play button to play the selected file. Set the start & end point to get the partial segment.

Tip: You can drag the slider or enter the time value you want in the Start and End textbox to adjust the position of start and end point.

  • Then click OK button to return to the main interface.


convert video to ipad

Effect Video:

Select the file you want to edit from the file list, and click Edit button on the toolbar and choose Effect option to open Effect window.

Crop area size. Check “Enable Crop”, set “Crop Area Size” to adjust the height and width of the crop area.

  • Add effects to Video. Check “Enable Effect”, choose an effect for the output video from the “Other Effects” drop-down list .
  • Create video watermark. Check “Enable Watermark”, and click “Add Text Watermark” or “Add Picture Watermark” to add watermark for the video, then adjust the transparence, position and font style of the watermark.
  • Add and adjust subtitle for video.
  • Check “Enable Subtitle”, and click the “Browse” button below “Subtitle” to add a subtitle file for the video, then adjust the transparence, position and font style of the subtitle in the option to get a video with the subtitle you add.

Tip: Click Restore Defaults button, to restore the default settings.

convert video to ipad

More Features:
  • Merge videos to a whole one. Choose the video file and click “Merge” button on the toolbar to merge any video file you want to unite, and output them as the whole one.
  • Add profiles for the same video file. Select the video and click the “Add Profile” to set multiple output formats for one files simultaneity, and you can get several video formats for your different players.
  • Set Profile Parameter to fit your needs. click the “Advanced Profile Settings” button, and set various parameters for more needs.
  • Using bitrate calculator to get exact size of video. To custom output size, select the video file and click Tools >Bitrate Calculator, and input the file size to get exact video file.
  • Run Background to save CPU resource.When converting, you can click “File > Run Background” button to save CPU resource and do other things at the same time.

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