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June 24, 2012

Cool Python Hacks – Hack 2

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Written by: arunenigma
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Python and recovering Firefox Sessions

I tend to have several Firefox windows open at once, with several tabs in each. And I leave them open for… well… weeks. And usually that’s fine – it restores everything if I have to reboot or restart Firefox, and all is well. Except when it doesn’t.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the sessions aren’t restored, and all of those tabs, as in “hey, I wasn’t quite done with that!”, are lost.

When this happened to me last night, I took a look in my Firefox profile directory and discovered something about the way Firefox stores it’s sessions. I’m sure it’s well-known to many, but it was new to me.

When I looked at sessionstore.bak (the automatically created backup of sessionstore.js) I saw something like:

Well, I know that’s Javascript, but it also looks a lot like a Python dictionary. Why not see if Python could eval() it to a dictionary? My first try failed on the unknown identifiers “true” and “false”, but after defining true and false as equal to Python’s True and False, it worked. Now I had a nested set of dictionaries containing all of my previous session’s info. Not bad.

[Edit: Not being a regular JSON user, and since the file extension was .js, not .json, I never considered that this might be JSON. It turns that it’s not QUITE JSON and the Python JSON library won’t decode it (without at least stripping off the leading and trailing parentheses).

From there it was easy to create some code that would grab the URL’s from an unrecoverable session and put them into an HTML page for easy access later.

Warning: this code uses eval() on arbitrary strings loaded from an arbitrary file, so it is not secureuse with great caution. If it wipes your hard drive, you have been warned. Try it in a public PC 🙂

In any case, below is my session recovery code, which I’ve already used a couple of times.

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