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June 28, 2012

Free Up Drive Space By Deleting Hiberfil.sys In Windows

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If you routinely use Hibernation mode in Windows, this trick isn’t for you. If you never use Hibernate mode on your desktop or laptop, this trick will free up 4-6GB of disk space on your system disk. This simple tutorial teaches you to free a lot of drive space by simply deleting the hiberfil.sys file and disabling hibernation mode.

So What is hiberfil.sys Anyway?

Free Up Drive Space by Deleting the   Hiberfil.sys

Windows has two power management modes that you can choose from: one is Sleep Mode, which keeps the PC running in a low power state so you can almost instantly get back to what you were working on. The other is Hibernate mode, which completely writes the memory out to the hard drive, and then powers the PC down entirely, so you can even take the battery out, put it back in, start back up, and be right back where you were.

Hibernate mode uses the hiberfil.sys file to store the current state (memory) of the PC, and since it’s managed by Windows, you can’t delete the file. Check out the step-by-step walk through at the link below to disable Hibernate mode in Windows 7, Vista, and XP and reclaim that chunk of disk space for better use.

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