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June 25, 2012

Google Amazing Facts

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Written by: arunenigma
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  • The Google Search Engine recieves a billion requests from all over the world, even from Antartica.
  • Google may launch a free international mobile network in near future which I guess will rock or completely revolutionize the world of future mobile networking.
  • Google is already working on the next version of Google Earth which is 3D, fully optimized and using which we can enter into a new virtual world and view places in 360 degree mode in very near future. No need to travel actually. Kudos to the Big G.
  • Google Home Page is available in 88 languages, the highest record number for any website and includes even languages like Latin, Urdu, Tamil etc.
  • The name Google is an inspiration of the Mathematical term called Googol which means 1 followed by hundred zeros. But it was actually spelt wrong by their founders and they named in Google !!
  • Google controls 65.1% of all searches in the U.S. at the end of 2008 and 86% of all searches in the UK, according to measurement company Hitwise.
  • Google was searched 4.4 billion times in the U.S. alone in October, 2008 (three times Yahoo), says Nielsen. Average searches per searcher: 40.7.
  • Google controls 79% of the pay-per-click ad market, according to RimmKaufman. It controls 40% of all online advertising, according to web site HipMojo.

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