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June 22, 2012

How to download Private Facebook videos (Cool Hack)

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Written by: arunenigma
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If you had previously used websites such as:

to download Facebook videos onto my computer. For some reason, none of them appear to be working anymore. But you can still download YouTube videos using these services but no luck with Facebook videos any longer- they seemed to work before.

Did Facebook make any changes that would keep people from downloading videos?

I found a cool a way to download facebook videos especially private videos that are usually forbidden to download onto your computer, preferably without having to download any software.

You can also download the video without add-on or installing anything. First, visit the video page and watch the video streams until the end. Mark the time when you’ve finished watching the video (e.g : 12.26 PM). Don’t close the window or tab. And then, open Explorer and open this following folder :

  • Windows XP : C:\Documents and Settings > (Your Username) > Local Settings > Application Data > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles > (random code).default > Cache
  • Windows Vista/7 : C:\Users > (Your Username) > Local Settings > Application Data > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles > (random code).default > Cache

Find a file that has few MBs in size and has ‘last modified time’ same as the time when you’ve finished watching the video. To check whether the file is a video or not, open it in VLC Media Player ( ). If it is, add .mp4 or .flv extension by renaming the video and copy them to a safe folder to prevent deletion. That’s it, you’ve successfully acquired the video to your computer.

If you need any help, ask away. :)

About the Author

Computer Science Graduate Student @ Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA



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  1. Hello this process is much more easy if u have firefox as well as internet download manager installed in your system. Once when u start playing the video a small icon appears on top of the video saying “download this video”. just click that button and wala… there u have it.. its easy and much more faster…. you can download any videos from any sites u want by this way…

  2. Anonymous

    cool. works fo rme, thanks, i wish a can create a program a give it to you.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks! Have been trying to look out for solution! 😀

  4. Anonymous

    does it work if your using Firfox in safe mode?

    **and the video i'm downloading is on facebook, and it's privacy settings is only for friends to see but not downloadable. i mean you can't see the download sign in the bottom right that says “Download”. I can't seem to find a MB amount in my CACHE folder all i see is KB's.

    pls help. thanks.

  5. Anonymous

    my husband scammed me to get a green card and was cheating on me. he opened accts in my name (which is my word against his). and was cheating on me. he finally moved out. and posted a video of him and the girl he was cheating with. i want to download that video from facebook. how???
    i tried using firefox with the addon but nothing pops up and having to watch that video over and over again trying to download it is AWFUL. 🙁

  6. Anonymous

    can this work for google chrome too?

  7. Ahh it doesn't seem to work anymore.

  8. Anonymous

    Wait, I'm confused on where to go….

  9. Anonymous

    What about windows 7?

  10. Anonymous

    There is no cache on my folder. 🙁

  11. Anonymous

    not working on my laptop help?

  12. Anonymous

    That seem not to work anymore, i was searching and found this tutorial. it works for Facebbok and other Sites. I got videos From worldstarhiphop too

  13. Anonymous

    Great stuff, thank you very much!

  14. Anonymous

    Post by “Anonymous” on “December 7, 2011 11:02 AM” re: “”


  15. Anonymous

    this is GREAT. I LOVE IT.

  16. it works great, thanks..

  17. Anonymous

    NOTE: It can take a while before Mp4 appears… play the video and if you don't see Mp4, leave the window open for up to 1/2 an hour.

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