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January 6, 2010

How to Hide/Unhide a file/folder in the drive

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Written by: arunenigma


For example, if you want to hide a folder “Themes” in the path “C:\Documents and Settings\BH4373\Desktop\Misc\To Cell”.

Follow the below steps.

1. Open the command window. (start+r key and the type cmd and press enter)
Click this bar to view the small image.

2. goto the desired directory.

cd C:\Documents and Settings\BH4373\Desktop\Misc\To Cell

3. Folder view before the command.

4. Type the following command to hide the folder “Themes”.

attrib Themes +s +h

5. Now, see the magic.

6. To Unhide the folder, use the following command.

attrib Themes -s -h
Note:- The folder will be hidden, but you still can access the folder by entering the path in the address bar.

Same steps can be followed to hide a file too in any directory.

I hope it will be useful for most of us… who want to hide some unwanted files… I mean giving restricted access.

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Computer Science Graduate Student @ Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA



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