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June 25, 2012


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You can fiind the best tools to Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs on iOS 5.1.1. It is very simple to Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs with the help of our new jail breaking tool. I managed to Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs and I have to say that is working great and I recommend all of you to download the latest software.

The current situation around the Jailbreak is somewhat complicated since Apple released the update to iPhone iOS 5.1, and more recently to IOS 5.1.1 Users who have the Jailbreak Untethered in the previous version (IOS 5.0.1) and have upgraded the system will have lost the unlock because Apple closed the exploit to Jailbreak in newer versions. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs However if you still have updated the possibility of Tethered Jailbreak or to downgrade. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs.

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You have an iPhone or iPad iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak you want? Here is a quick and simple tutorial that allows you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad iOS 5.1.1Updated: New Jailbreaking and unlocking software available for download and provides an untethered jailbreak/unlock for all devices on iOS 5.1.1. Update: Easily switch the tethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 to jailbreak/unlock iOS 5.1.1 untethered cydia tweak with “Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether”  Updated: untethered jailbreak for 2.0 Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 is available for download! Updated: GhostApp 5.2 is available for download to the tethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 A4 for all devices (except the iPhone 4S therefore, the iPad and New iPad 2). This is a complete tutorial (in English) to help you jailbreak your device. Ghost 5.2 to jailbreak part (tethered) iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1 is now available for Windows and Mac OSX. The supported devices are: iPhone 3G, iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4 and an iPad.

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Meanwhile, the untethered jailbreak/unlock IOS 5.1.1 does not take long, because the hacker @ pod2g managed to carry on his iPhone and iPad 4 3.Last Monday June 11 Apple introduced iPhone OS 6. The new release of its mobile operating system has many improvements (over 200 according to the company) as integration with Facebook, the new application passbook, share images with Photos Streaming Siri or the arrival of Spanish. The final version of iPhone OS 6 will be available in autumn and meanwhile Apple has released the first test version for developers, which indeed have already managed to apply the Tethered Jailbreak, although it is not fully functional and now Cydia does not work -. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs The most prominent of the presentation was the new mapping application that Apple has developed together with C3 Technologies and TomTom, bypassing Google Maps.

Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs  Among the functions most attention is the new navigation service with voice prompts, a feature that was necessary-and Flyover, a system for displaying three-dimensional city that offers extremely realistic result. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs However, not all users of an Apple device can enjoy all the benefits of IOS 6 and the map application in particular. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs The owners of an iPhone 4, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 4G may not have voice guidance or Flyover, a real shame. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs  According to Apple these features do not work properly if there is a more powerful processor, ie a chip Apple A5 or higher as fitted to the iPhone 2, iPhone and new iPhone 4S. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs However it has been shown that the processor is not an impediment to work on a terminal Flyover as the iPhone 4. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs The Russian hacker Anton Tiktov able to install this feature-dimensional maps on an iPhone 4 and, judging by the video you posted, the application performance is quite fluid. True, not everything goes smooth it could work in, for example, the new iPhone has a much more powerful processor, but in any case it is impossible to make work properly Flyover on the iPhone 4.

Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs Another reason why Apple will not include Flyover in older models is to make consumers buy a newer terminal that can have all the functions of IOS 6. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs Something similar happened with Siri. The voice wizard was released as an exclusive iPhone 4S but hackers managed to successfully remove older models, though Apple has now officially taken the new iPad. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs Flyover in order to install an iPhone 4, Tiktov has had to install the beta version of iPhone OS 6 and then apply the jailbreak. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs However, the process is quite complex because as we said Cydia does not work in this Tethered Jailbreak. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs Anyway this is very good news because it is very possible that when the final list of IOS Jailbreak 6 and get a stable, publish a solution for users of older models may have all the features of IOS 6. Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 4s/4/3gs reveals that its tool can jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4S, 4, 3Gs and iPad 2 the latest iOS 5.1.1 . Once the jailbreak and unlock for iOS 5.1.1 is complete the iPhone/iPad will have the Cydia application installed. Cydia is a software application for iOS that enables a user to find and install software packages (including apps, interface customizations, and system extensions) on a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Cydia is the main independent third-party digital distribution platform for software on iOS. was formed in mid 2008 and have successfully jailbroken over 250,000 iPhones worldwide. This is unparalleled by any other service in the industry. They have achieved this by combining a very simple solution with a fantastic customer service department that is available 24/7 through many forms of contact, including telephone. The iPhone itself is packed with a wide assortment of features and functions, but it is typically only available on expensive price plans and predetermined networks. This has created anger within the jailbreak iPhone community, as it is believed that the customer should have the freedom to choose their own price plan or network provider. The Jailbreak/ Unlock iPhone 4S/4/3GS iOS 5.1.1 untethered software comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime updates and most important of all, lifetime support. If one should require first class service at an affordable price, there is only one simple choice that has to be made. software guarantees extreme ease of use. Along with the product is an illustrated guide that shows how to unlock an iPhone. The whole process takes approximately 5 minutes. John from the United States, enthuses about, “Many thanks for your support. Bought my iPhone from the apple store, brought it home, downloaded your software and had my SIM working in minutes. Your software is fantastic and very user friendly and i have recommended it to many friends already.” This software has been downloaded by over 250,000 customers located in over 145 countries. To further ensure customers of its products usability, offers a 100% full money back guarantee on all orders. Customers dissatisfied with the product will be given a full refund, no questions asked. was formed in mid 2008 and have successfully jailbroken over 250,000 iPhones worldwide. This is unparalleled by any other service in the industry. They have achieved this by combining a very simple solution with a fantastic customer service department that is available 24/7 through many forms of contact, including telephone.

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