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January 17, 2010

Nokia Secret Codes To Send Free Sms !

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Written by: arunenigma

[Secret Codes for 3330] Imei Information :-

To view the imei number on this model simply type *#06#

Software version type *#0000#
Align Center
*#170602112302# shows the SW version.

Service Provider Lock Information :-

Service Provider Lock Service Provider lock is the lock to your phone which is implement by your service provider e.g. Orange onto your sim card. The phone is usually locked to a certain SP but it can be unlocked allowing you access to other service providers that provide a better deal. The same effect can also be used by using a Dual sim, you could have two sim cards in one phone allowing you to switch between sim cards and SP

1. First sim = Orange

2. Second sim = One2One

Short Message Serivce Centre Numbers ( FREE SMS ):-

SMSC (Short Message Serivce Centre Numbers) SMS Centre number allow
you to send free sms, by changing your message centre number like this:

1. Go to messages

2. Message Settings

3. Set 1

4. Message Centre Number

5. Then change the number to one from SMSC Number section (from SMSC #’s given below) What does this do? Instead of paying for your messages, you can alter a number in your phone to send to a different centre. This cannot charge you, and consequently you have free SMS! How
does it work?

When you send a text message, it is first transmitted to your network’s routing centre, called the Short Message Service Centre, or SMSC. This SMSC is generally a telephone number, normally a memorable one- i.e. Orange’s is 0973 100973. Here, it is sent to the recipient’s network’s SMSC, where it is then forwarded to their phone. The whole process takes only seconds, but the vital part is when it reaches your SMSC, because then it is forwarded, and you are charged according to your tariff. If you, however, change your SMSC number to one below, the network who forward the message will not know who you are, and consequently cannot charge you. Clever huh? Does it always work? No! It can take hours to find a number that hasn’t been blocked by your network- they usually carry out checks monthly and bar any numbers known to be forwarding SMS. Also, I understand that Orange and all networks in Denmark have barred all numbers aside from their own – so it won’t work with Orange or Danish networks.




One.Tel Australia +61 411 990 001

Vodafone Australia +61-415011501

Telstra Australia +61-418706700

Telstra Australia +61-418706800

Telstra Australia +61-418706900

Optus Australia +61-412025989

Optus Australia +61-411990000

Optus Australia +61-411990001

Optus Australia +61-411990003


A1 +43 664 0501

Connect ONE +43 699 0001999

max-mobil +43 676 021

tele.ring +43 650 09000000.


Azercell +994-50-910-3300

Bakcell +994557070707




Mobistar Belgium +32-95955205

Proximus Belgium +32-75161616

Proximus Belgium +32-75161612

Orange Belgium +32-486000005

Bosnia and Herzegovina

PTT GSM BIH +387-90-225522


Mascom Wireless +267-71010024


MobilTel: +35988000301


Fido Canada +1-5149931123


Entel PCS +56-98890005


Telecom China +86-1390591500

Telecom China +86 13800100500


Cronet +385-980501

VIPNET +385-910401


Cyprus +3579700000

Czech Republic

Eurotel Czech rep +420-602909909

Radiomobil Czech rep +420-603051


Sonofon Denmark +45-40590000

TeleDanmark Denmark +45-40390999

Telia DK Denmark +45-28187000

Mobilix Denmark +45-26265151


Free! +45 40590006


Click GSM +20105996500

Mobinil +20122000020


EMT Estonia +372-5099000

Ritabell Estonia +372-5509911

Radiolinja Estonia +372-568771010




Radiolinja Finland +358-508771010

Sonera Finland +358-405202000


SFR France +33-609001390

Bouygues France +33-660003000

Itineris France +33-689004000

Itineris France +33-689004431

Itineris France +33-68900458


D1 Germany +49-1710760000

D1 Germany +49-1715990000

D1 Talkline Germany +49-1710760900

D2 Germany +49-172227033

D2 Germany +49-1722270000 [to D2 only]

D2 Germany +49-1722270333

D2 Talkline Germany +49-1722270258

Debitel Germany +49-1722270222

IC3S Germany +49-1722270201

Dr Materna Germany +49-1722270111

E2 VIAG Germany +49-1760000443

E-Plus Germany +49-1770600000

E-Plus Germany +49-1770610000

E-Plus Germany +49-1770620000


Panafon Greece +30-94219000

Telestet Greece +30-93599000

Telestet Greece +30-93597000

Cosmote Greece +30-97100000


Libertel Netherlands +31-6540881000

PTT Netherlands +31-653131313

Telfort Netherlands +31-626000230

BEN Netherlands: +31-624000000

Dutchtone, Netherlands: +31628500561

Hong Kong

Hutchinson Hong Kong +852-94985795

HK Telecom Hong Kong +852-90288000

Smartone Hong Kong +852-90100000


Pannon Hungary +36-209300099

Westel900 +36-30-9888-000

Vodafone +36709996500


Landssimi Islands hf +354-8900100

Tal +354-6999099


Eircell Ireland +35387699989

Esat Ireland +353-868002000

India [+91 – ]

BPL Mobile India +91-9821000005

MAXtouch India +91-9820005446

Essar Cellphone +91-9811009998

Tata +919848001104

Command +919830099990

AirTel Delhi +91-98100-51914

Skycell Cellular +919840011003

Spice Karnataka +919844198441


Satelindo Indonesia +62-81615

Telkomsel Indonesia is +62-81100000

Exelcomindo Indonesia +62-818445009

Isle of Man

Pronto GSM +447624499955


Orange Israel +972-54-120032


Omni Italy +39-3492000200

Omni Italy +39-3492000300

Omni Italy +39-3492000400

Omni Italy +39-3492000500

TIM Italy +39-3359609600

TIM Italy +39-3359608000

TIM Italy +39-338960960

TIM Italy +39-338980000

Wind Italy +39-3205858500


MTC +96596000303

Al-Wataniya +9656373717


LMT Latvia +371-9202020

Baltcom GSM +371 9599994


FTML Cellis +61-3488888


Vodacom Lesotho [+266]


Bite GSM Lithuania +370-9950115

Omnitel Lithuania +370-9899992


PTT Luxembourg +352-021100003

Tango Luxembourg +352-091000030


Macau CTM +85366

Macau CTM +85368


MobiMak [389 – 70]

+389 70 000501


ADAM Malaysia +60-173600010

Celcom Malaysia +60-193900000

Mutiara Malaysia +60-162999000

Maxis Malaysia +60-120000015


EMTEL +230 7290999


MobiCom +97699000030


Pro monte +38169200000

Monet +38167100100


Maroc Telecom +2121000021, +2121000022

Meditel +2123992000


MTC [+264 – 81]

New Zealand

Vodafone New Zealand +64-21600600


NetCom Norway +47-92001000

NetCom Norway +47-9208977

TeleNor Norway +47-90002100

TeleNor Norway +47-90007777


Mobilink +92300000042

UFone +923330005150


Telecel is +351-911616161

TMN Portugal +351-936210000

OPTIMUS +35193121314


Globe Philippines +63-91702

Globe Philippines +63-91703

Globe Philippines +63-91704

Globe Philippines +63-91709

Islacom Philippines +63-9150200003

Smart Philippines +63-9180000101


Era GSM Poland +48-602951111

Era GSM Poland +48-602951112

Polkomtel Poland +48-601000310

Polkomtel Poland +48-601000311

IDEA Centertel Poland +48-501200777


Reunion +33609001390


Connex Romania +40-92004000

Dialog Romania +40-94946000

Cosmorom (1800 MHz)


North West Russia +7-8129600096

MTS Russia +7-0957699100

BeeLine +7-90173100

Saudi Arabia

SaudiTel +966-5-5842855


MobTel Serbia +381-63100100

MobTel +38163100300

PTT Telekom Serbia +381-650000900

PTT Telekom Serbia +381-640000900


Airtel: +248700000


Mobile One Singapore +65-96845999

Mobile One Singapore +65-96845997

SingTel Singapore +65-96400001

SingTel Singapore +65-96500001

SingTel Singapore +65-98189999

SingTel Singapore +65-96197777


Eurotel Slovakia +421-903333000

Globtel Slovakia +421-905303303


Mobitel Slovenia +386-41001333

Si.Mobil Slovenia +386-40441000

South Africa

MTN +27-831000002

MTN (Prepaid) +27-831000113

Vodacom South Africa +27-829119

Vodacom South Africa +27-829129


Telefonica Spain +34-609090909

Airtel Spain +34-607133000

Airtel Spain +34-607003110

Amena Spain +34-656000311


Comviq Sweden +46-707990001

Comviq Sweden +46-707990002

Comviq Sweden +46-707990003

Comviq Sweden +46-707773078

Europolitan Sweden +46-708000708

Telia Sweden +46-705008999

Switzerland [+41-79]

Swisscom Switzerland +41-794999000

diAX Switzerland +41-765980000

Orange +41-787777070


Tritel +255812904000


Chung Wa Tele Taiwan +886-932400821


AIS Thailand +66-18110888

WP1800 Thailand +66-16110400


Turkcell Turkey +90-5329010000

Turkcell Turkey +90-5329020000

Turkcell Turkey +905329030000

Turkcell Turkey +90-5329040000

Telsim Turkey +90-5429800033


UMC +38050000501

Kyivstar +380-672020000

Golden Telecom +380444990000

Wellcome +38044 251 7777

United Arab Emirates

PTT UAE +97150 6014994

United Kingdom

Isle of Man Pronto GSM +447624499955

Vodafone UK +44-385016005

CellNet UK +44-802000332

Virgin Mobile UK +447958879890

Orange UK +44-973100973

Orange UK +44-973100974 internal

One2One UK +44-7958879879

Guernsey Telecoms [+44-4481/7781]

Jersey +44 7797704444


Aerial Comms USA +1-8132630025

Aerial Comms USA +1-2812350025

Voicestream USA +1-2063130004

Pacific Bell USA +1-2099042010

Pacific Bell USA +1-2099042020

Powertel USA +1-3343338200

DigiPH PCS USA +1-3342090307

Omnipoint USA +1-9179070004

Sprint USA +1-7044100000

Washington PCS USA +1-410258953


Digitel +58-12-8000000


MobTel +381-63-100400

MobTel +381-63100300

MobTel +381-63100200

MobTel +381-63100100

MobTel +3816310030034

MobTel +3816310040034

PTT Telekom Serbia +381-650000900


Econet Wireless +263-91010030

ISDN Number :-

ISDN number For checking ISDN number enter *#92772689#

Warranty Menu

To view the warranty menu enter *#92702689# [*#war0anty#]

1) shows the serial nr.

2) shows when the cell phone was made mmyy.

3) shows when the cell phone was purchased mmyy.

4) shows how many times the cell phone has been repaired.

5) makes you capable of transferring user data if you have the gear for it.

6) shows how many hours the phone has been on.

Warranty Menu

To view Warranty menu enter *#92702689# [*#war0anty#]

Phone asks ‘warranty code:’

Press the following warranty code: 6232 (OK) : Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture (MMYY)

7332 (OK) : Displays the date of the last repairment – if found (‘DATE NOT SAVED’…) 7832 (OK) : Displays (if found) the date where the phone was purchased (‘DATE NOT SAVED’…)

9268 (OK) : Displays Serial Number

37832 (OK) : Set the Purchasing Date MMYY (Warning: You can only do this once – So be careful …)

87267 (OK) : Transfers ALL phone numbers, pictures, sounds from one phone to another eg. if broken (via IRport.)

Sim Clock Stop :-

To view if sim clock can be stoped enter *#746025625# [*#sim0clock#] (Sim-clock-stop is a kind of standby mode which will save battery time) May not work with all firmware versions.

Enhanced Full Rate/Half Rate Enhanced Full Rate Codec :-

(EFR) For activation enter *#3370#

For deactivation enter *#3370*

Enhanced Full Rate Will give you much better sound quality when you enable it. The new Enhanced Full Rate CODEC adopted by GSM uses the ASELP (AlgebraicCode Excitation Linear Prediction) compression technology. This technology allows for much great voice quality in the
same number of bits as the older Full Rate CODEC. The older technology was called LPC-RPE (Linear Prediction Coding with Regular Pulse Excitation). Both operate at 13 kilobits.(but you take up more space on the network, so they can charge you more) – Talk-time is reduced with
about 5%

Half Rate Codec

For activation enter *#4720#

For deactivation enter *#4720* In all cases the phone will automatically restart.

Half Rate will give you bad soundquality, which gives the serviceprovider the opportunity to have more calls on the network, and you might get a lower charge from them. – Will give you 30% longer talk-time.

Imei Code :-

To View IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) enter *#06#

Firmware Versions

Check To view the Firmware version enter *#170602112302#

Restore Factory Settings :-

To restore factory settings (Memory, language, counters not included) enter *#7780#

Manufacturer Information

To view Week and Year of manufacture

Enter *#3283# [*# D A T E #] The last two digits are the year. If the year is 95, the first two digits are the month. For 96 the first two digits are the week of the year.

Firmware Version :-

To view the firmware version enter *#170602112302# or *#9999#

On newer phones, the code has been changed to *#68237115841212

About the Author

Computer Science Graduate Student @ Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA



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