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Installing Hadoop on Mac OSX Mountain Lion (Step by Step Instructions)

Setting up a single node Apache Hadoop instance on OS X is pretty simple and much the same as on any other Linux/Unix machines, with a small bit of customer configuration. See here for official instructions. This tutorial provi...
by arunenigma


How to convert(decompile) .pyc to py files

How to convert *.pyc to *.py files ? A few days before, I  accidentally deleted all my Python code while renaming some files. Luckily I had the .pyc files in the working directory. After googling for ways to convert .pyc back ...
by arunenigma


Adding vCard to your blog, website or portfolio

What is a vCard? In a nutshell, its the industry standard for electronic business cards. You can attach them to emails or posts, just about anything. The great thing about a vCard is that it holds all the information that youâ€...
by arunenigma



Where is Steve Jobs ? Afterlife Revelation

A Buddhist temple in Thailand says it has pinpointed Steve Jobs’ whereabouts in the afterlife, and the late Apple co-founder is a mid-level angel living in a parallel universe (but still in California). Wat Phra Dhammakaya ma...
by arunenigma


Adding files to Repo from your computer

Creating a Repo and adding files into the Repo from your computer Things to do in Github Create a repo eg. Repo name is data-mining Things to do in your computer Create a folder with any name(e.g. gitty) on desktop with all you...
by arunenigma